Jack Russell with wind and runny stools

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jack russell with wind and runny stoolsHi All at Pooch and Mutt
Please find attached a picture of our lovely rescue dog Dexter.
We have had Dexter for about 12 months he is a rescue Jack Russell, he has the most adorable nature but unfortunately was a little windy in the bottom department and we soon found that when out for a walk his first stool was solid but any after that were extremely runny and the more he went to the loo the runnier it got.
I use Blue Chip Pro for my horse and it was while looking at that website i noticed the advert for Pooch & Mutt so clicked the link to the website and after reading some of the testimonials I decided to try him on the Bionic Biotic concentrate.
The first bag didn’t really make a difference, but also didn’t seem to last as long as it said on the packet so I told my other half off for over feeding the dog, and tried another lot well I can not believe the difference not only has the wind decreased (not quite stopped he gets us now and then) but his stools are ten times better his coat and his overall smell seems to have improved.
I can’t recommend it enough it has really worked a treat I have just reordered my third packet and will keep the little fella on it as long as it keeps working for him.
Thanks POOCH and MUTT

Helen Hatfeild