Hasslle: Who had runny stools

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dog with runny stoolsDear Pooch & Mutt,

I thought I’d write to say thank you for your product.

Basically this is our story. I have a lovely 12 year old male dog called Haslle. Unfortunately Hassle developed extremely bad runny stools for 6 weeks.

I was at my wit’s end. I had tried scrambled eggs, white fish, chicken etc. I also bought Kaolin powder, which did help a little but only a little.

Eventually Hassle went to the vets, and after a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication he was still no better.

Rather than endless trips to the vets I decided to look on the net to see if there were any products that may, or could, help.

Thank goodness I stumbled upon Pooch & Mutt’s Bionic Biotic.

I was apprehensive at first after phoning the company and hearing the testimonials about the product, but I am so pleased to tell you all that after 3 days of feeding Hassle this product he now has normal stools.

I am so grateful for this product. I’m not being paid for this testimonial; I just hope that this product helps other dogs who have this problem.

I am a staff nurse and my email is sungod724@yahoo.co.uk if you want to confirm with me these fantastic results.

Kind regards,

Royston Webb

P.S. We are not 100% sure what breed Hasslle, as he is a rescue dog, but we think he had some Bearded Collie in him.