Bunty: Weimaraner’s coat

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weimeraner coatBionic Biotic has had wonderful impact it had had on my long-haired Weimaraner’s coat.

Bunty started to loose the coat on her back at the start of the year (the root of the hair follicles had dry stuff around them which clumped together resulting in the clumps dying and pulling away).

The vet prescribed various shampoos which made no difference.  This was followed by blood tests, skin biopsies and more blood tests – but with no deficiencies found).

During a visit to Crufts in March 2010 we came across your stand and thought that trying Bionic Biotic was worth a shot.

During the next month whilst we were on a break from vet visits while they consulted further with the pathology lab, we thought that the coat had started to improve.

We took her back to the vets and he concurred, although could not say that it was as a result of your product.  Anyway, he suggested that we carried on using it and take her back in six weeks.  When we took her back he was amazed, her coat had re-grown and was so soft and glossy.  We are carrying on using Bionic Biotic and Bunty is once again a very pretty girl.

Unfortunately, I do not have any photographs of her with alopecia but have attached a couple of her with a coat.

We will certainly keep using Bionic Biotic – we are now on our 5th packet!! – we love it.


Sam Jones

Weimeraner coat