Staffy with itchy skin

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staffy with itchy skinA few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win some Bionic Biotic for my dog.

I have never fed it to him before so thought seems I have won some I will give it ago! The results are amazing!!

My dog has typical Staffy skin were it gets sore and itchy in the summer although his isn’t as bad as some he had a really red chest. Since I have been feeding him Bionic Biotic it has gone back to normal, which I am really surprised about considering the muggy weather we have been having.

So I really would recommend this too all dog owners who’s dogs have problems with their skin, I am amazed!

Although the only thing I would say is Ty was a bit funny eating his food for the first few days when I started adding it but I bared with him and now he eats it fine.

So thank you for letting me win some and also thank you to The Organic Pets for all the lovely treats he really enjoys them, his favourite are the peanut butter flavour.

So many thanks again! :)

Gemma McQuillan

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