Mack: German shepherd, weight and coat

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german shepherd weight and coat problemsWe have had Mack our G.S.D for 5 years he has always had severe weight problems his coat was awful and his behaviour unbelievable and he’d never had a solid poo ¬†we tried everything!!!

The vet ran out of ideas as to what to do.

I searched the internet for ideas and reasons for his terrible condition finally I fell upon Pooch and Mutt’s Bionic Biotic.

It took a while and a lot of patience but then it was like a revelation our dog looked amazing!!!

He’d put on weight his coat was thick, shiny and so soft. The shedding is down to minimal and he is calm obedient and just amazing!!!

I can’t thank Pooch and Mutt enough they have changed our dog’s life!!!

We now recommend them to everyone we know. THANK YOU!!!

Jeanette Edwards.