2 Dogs with loose stools

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dogs with loose stools

My dogs have tried two lots of herbal tablets and a supplement for loose bowels, one lot of herbal tablets didn’t work, the other lot of herbal tablets were expensive & the other food supplement didn’t work either.

Bionic Biotic worked. And in just a short space of time.

Snoopy is the Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi who is 6 ½ years old, Suzy is the Border Collie who is 6 years old.

I saw the product Bionic Biotic advertised in the dog magazine Your Dog.

They have had Bionic Biotic for three weeks.

The other product was Denes Herbal digestion tablets, it worked well but was expensive and denes have stopped doing the tablets and instead swapped to a powder instead which would work out even more expensive because the powder only comes in 100g pots which would last only a few days, where as Bionic Biotict lasts three weeks.

Thank you,

Sarah Wood