Agility miniature poodle

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agility dog supplementsEmma is my 4 year old minature ¬†poodle, she always ‘nicked’ Blue Chip from our horses. Fortunately Pooch & Mutt is now available :-).

She is a very active, cheeky dog, and is competing in agility. Since she was young she gets Bionic Biotic (in the morning) and Mobile Bones (in the evening).

Emma is always cheery but very concentrated at work and already has some great efforts in agility, e.g. Winner State Championship Lower-Saxony 2009, Second Place in 2010 and participant at the F.C.I. Agility World Championship Qualifications 2010 in Germany.

After a tumble in April she had problems in the lumbar spine, but with physiotherapy, swimming and a double amount of Mobile Bones she was fit again in a few weeks and is now qualified for the German Championship.

Thanks a lot for providing us so much!

Jennifer Kraul

agility dog supplements

Mobile Bones and Bionic make me strong! ;-)