Kai: Elderly Husky

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kai - husky stiff joints

We’ve been using your products for the past couple of years for our male Siberian Husky, Kai. The difference we noticed when we started using the Mobile Bones and the Bionic Biotic supplement was nothing short of amazing.

He had stiff joints which slowed him down a bit and prevented us from taking him on long runs in the woods. A real shame. However, within a couple of weeks of being on the ‘good stuff’, he was nearly back to his old self again.

Unfortunately though (There’s always an ‘unfortunately’ isn’t there.) Kai passed away on Tuesday of this week due to a tumour in his sinus region. The poor hound was in so much pain.¬†We’re now left with a large hole in our lives where he was.

I’d just like to thank you for your help over the past couple of years in providing us with such a product. Your administration and delivery service is absolutely second to none. There’s not many companies can provide almost next day service to the North of Scotland, but you’ve got it right (Even in a postal strike).

We’re going to be getting another Husky some time early next year. Hopefully we’re not going to require the arthiritis stuff just yet, but we will most certainly use the Bionic Biotic.

So – until early next year, keep doing what you’re doing.

Many thanks and best regards,

Eddie and Lynn Mundy.