13 year old Border Collie with stiff joints

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border collie with stiff jointsI use Blue Chip products for my horses (Dynamic, Joint RLF, Karma and Original) and considering how well it works on them, when I saw Mobile Bones (formulated and created by Blue Chip) on their website, it seemed like the perfect solution for Ellie.

Ellie is a 13 year old border collie. She has always been a very active dog, and after having a couple of lumps removed early in the year I was a little concerned at how quiet, tired and stiff she was becoming.

I tried other supplements but nothing really helped.

I decided to try Mobile Bones and after the first sachet I noticed a significant difference.

Whilst I cant stop the ageing process, this product certainly seems to have eased her joints and aided her vitality and stamina.

Her favourite pastime is chasing the lawnmower and biting the wheels, in typical Collie fashion.

She now plays with my younger dog again, something she hadn’t done for some time.


Nicola Crowther