Buddy: 12 year old with stiff joints

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old dog stiff jointsFor some time now, my daughter has been trying to get me to use your product Mobile Bones on my Buddy, and I have done so on and off.

Buddy is a 12 year old doberman x border collie.

After another asserted nudge from my daughter, about 2 months ago, I finally started to use it every day.

Well ! I don’t know what your product has done to my dog ! He used to be a sweet old man – a little lame and a bit slow (because he is getting on in years you know !) – now he’s turned into a pushy, self-opinionated dog.

He gallops around on walks and even tries to bite my nose – and he only used to do that to my daughter before!

There’s not a trace of lameness and he’s definitely far to big for his boots !

Mind you, he’s still absolutely adorable and I love him so much.

Thank you for bringing my friend back.

With kindest regards,

Rosie Phillips

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My daughter showing off his new jumping skills