Bally: Labrador X Collie, hip discomfort

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I first found out about mobile bones through an advert in the horse and hound magazine.

Bally is a 3 year old Labrador Collie cross. She was diagnosed with hip discomfort at 2 years old

After going to cambridge vet school for numerous tests and x-rays, I was offered a choice of a total hip replacement on both hips or rymadil and cosequin tablets for life

After a battle with my insurance company they wouldn’t pay out for replacements as i couldn’t give them proof that Bally didn’t have the disease from birth. As she was a rescue dog I had no proof.

Each hip would cost around £4,000 so I decided to go for the tablets, still these would cost me a lot of money over Bally’s lifetime so I looked for an alternative.

She went onto a supplement called Joint Aid and had been on it since march 2010, but I didn’t really see an improvement.

Then saw the add for Mobile Bones and she has been on this since early September.

We are now in november and she can now stay out for longer walks and jump into the car without being lifted. In just a few weeks I am seeing an improvement in her mobility.

Gillian Cook

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