Feedback from The Labrador Lifeline Trust

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Labrador taking joint supplementAs part of our dedication to helping rescue dogs, we do matched donations of the Pooch and Mutt supplements to The Labrador Lifeline Trust, who first got in touch with us when they had heard good reports about Mobile Bones (our joint supplement for dogs).

This is the feedback that we have been sent via Anne Carter of the The Labrador Lifeline Trust about her own dog, Jake, and from other people that have rescued dogs from the centre and are using Mobile Bones.

Here are a selection of reports back from some of our dog adopters on the use of Mobile Bones:

1.   Jake (Pictured) – 13 years old and has been diagnosed with CDRM.  Having been on another supplement for a few years we tried him on Mobile Bones. Within two weeks he is incredible.  He is now at the front of any walk we take with the other dogs, he plays and runs about quite happily.  This has to be due to Mobile Bones as he has had no other change in his life.  I have a job to keep up with him on a walk and keep threatening him that I will stop giving it him if he does not slow down!

2. Mailo is hugely improved so far and loves the gentle swims too.

3. Thank you very much for all the help you have given me so far, regarding joint supplements for my dog Honey.  I do feel that the Mobile Bones has done a lot of good, and certainly feel I could do with some for myself as it is more difficult for me to keep up with the dog now!!!

4. Lucas suffers from chronic HD and is now on Mobile Bones and has turned into a  greyhound!

labrador taking joint supplement5. Monty is the black labrador in the picture, the one in mid-air!  When he went to that home he was severely lame on his front left and is due to see the Ortho specialist next week.

He is our most significant beneficiary of Mobile Bones apart from Jake (above)  – incredible!

His owner says that, Mobile Bones has done wonders for Monty in that he no longer limps and has spent the last five days chasing around with the children

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