Anxious Collie

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anxious collieThis is Aemi, our 5 year-old Collie.

She has always been a anxious dog and responded to each alteration in her siuation with stress.

After she ran away on our holiday and the police had to capture her, the anxiousness changed into a fear that really disabled her, at everyday life and at agility.

By chance, on an agility competition another attendant told me about Pooch & Mutt. Because I didn’t had any idea what to do more, I tried it.

In the morning she has Bionic Biotic and she Mobile Bones in the evening.

14 days later I noticed the first positive changes.

Today Amie has so much love of life, as never before, and she has much more fun and power at agility.

She is still anxious but the fear is not anymore in the foreground.

We are now looking happy forward to our next copmetition.

Many thanks!

Heidrun Krenz (Germany)