Barney: Mobility and Condition

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This is a very quick update on Barney and how he is getting on with the Mobile Bones.

Barney was not limping or showing any sign of pain when he came to me, but he was moving quite slowly and he did however have a very pronounced sideways gait when he tried to run.

His coat was not in the best of condition and he was a little over weight.

Since being on the Mobile Bones his back legs look better when he runs and he runs much more frequently than when he first came to me.

He has lost some weight and his coat is now shiny.

He seems to be a much happier dog all round. I think the Mobile Bones has helped with his all round fitness and will keep him on it as it seems to suit him.

Many thanks,

Anila Boney

Barney is the Chocolate Labrador at the font in the picture.


Notes from Pooch & Mutt:

Barney is a rescue Labrador rescued by the Labrador Lifeline trust.

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