Sasha: Doberman with terrible skin

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doberman with itchy skinFinally a product that does exactly what it says it will!!

My Doberman has always had terrible skin conditions, which were unfortunately a combination of allergies and genetics. They did not respond very well to all manner of skin treatments, injections, and additives through my vet.

Having already used Blue Chip (for my horses) for several years on my equines with fantastic show success results, I already knew that products like this did exist.

After using Bionic Biotic for only a couple of weeks – the results are absolutely fantastic!!


Where all the dry scaly patches of itchy skin were, are now new hair growth forming over a supple and itch free skin!!

She no longer rubs herself along the sofa to relieve her itches. The weepy eyes, and consequent sore lids have now gone.

Her overall appearance has gone from Moth eaten Mutt to Glossy Gorgeous Girl, and i cannot thank Bionic Biotic enough for giving her a far better quality of life now that she is free of itchy scratchy skin.

Don’t doubt this product – try it- it really does work!!!!

Our sincere thanks from
Shelley & Sasha