Martha: French Bull dog, digestion

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french bull dog with IBSMy French bulldog, Martha, had a very bad stomach ****** when she was only a few weeks old.

I took her to the vet who did some tests and he said she had *********** ***** *******  and that she would be stuck with it for life.

He put her on special Chinese herbal medicine – and another set of pills, I can’t remember what they were now! – and yet she still had very runny poo and the occasional bad flare up with bleeding etc.

Then at one of our excursions to the Discover dog show in Earls Court I came across your stand and was so desperate to find a solution so thought we’d give your Bionic Biotic a chance!

She’s been on it ever since and has been so much better! Firm stools and very few incidents of runny stools.

I’ve now put my Shih Tzu on it as well as he has constipation problems and dry skin (from the sublime to the ridiculous, hey?) and he is doing well on it too.

We’re immensely grateful to your product and I recomment it to anyone who has dietary problems with their dogs!

Alison Rooper



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