Scratchy rescue dog

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dog itching and scratchingAlfie is scruffy, medium sized rescue dog who didn’t have a very good start in life. He had been abandoned and in kennels for quite a while.

The day after I took him home from the rescue centre he developed pneumonia and even though he was very ill with a terrible cough Alfie’s tail was always wagging.

He recovered from the pneumonia, but then the scratching began.

It used to drive him and us mad, nothing seemed to ease the itching until my husband saw an advert for Bionic Biotic in the Horse and Hound magazine.  dog itching and scratching

We bought a bag and could not believe the results. After one and a half teaspoonfuls the itching virtually stopped, it was amazing.

Alfie has been on his Bionic Bioticc for about four months now and whilst he has the occasional scratch, it is nothing compared to how it was.  I tried him without it for one day and he started scratching all over again.

I would highly recommend Bionic Biotic and Alfie will remain on it forever, it is truly remarkable how it has changed his life.

Thank you.

dog itching and scratching

Beverley Porter and Alfie