Heidi: Westie x Jack Russell with digestion issues

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dog with runny stoolsI thought it was about time I let you about our success with Bionic Biotic and give you a testimonial.

We have been using it for 2 months on our 22 month old Westie x Jack Russell and couldn’t be more happy with the results.

It’s a joy to feed Heidi and not worry about what comes out the other end.

We had been through a good few months where I was continually back at the vets for medicines to sort her tum. It was upset after upset and we just couldnt seem to get away from it.

I read about Bionic Biotic on a forum and thought with the money back guarantee, it had to be worth a try. Best move I could have made.

From day one there was a difference in her and the benefits kept on coming.

With the help of Bionic Biotic I was able to try different foods and found what suited her tum best. I am sure without it she would have had upsets and I wouldnt have done it.  I even think I could stop Bionic Biotic and her tum would continue to do well on this food.

Her energy levels have gone through the roof and I have my little “pocket rocket” back.  There have been times when I  wanted to ask if I could have the Biotics without the Bionic but to see her back to her old self is brilliant.

Her coat is excellent – really soft and shines like a dollar – quite an achievement for a grey!! She is bright eyed and bushy tailed and never looked so good.

Now her tum is sorted I could probably wean her off it but it ticks all the boxes and makes her feel the best she ever has – I couldnt take that away.

I have to thank you too for your ongoing support. I had tried all I could think of before Bionic Biotic and was a bit of a worry pot.  You replied to my emails  quickly and answered all my questions. It was with your help that I found the food that suits her best.

I have been recommending Bionic Biotic ever since and will continue to do so. I hope lots more dogs will get to feel as good as mine on your great supplement.

Thanks for everything

Sandie and Heidi