Annikan: Setter weight gain

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underweight setter I just began using Bionic Biotic about a month now.

I found an article in a dog magazine at work for Bionic Biotic, and then went online to see other testimonials.

Annikan is a 2 year old Irish Setter who wouldn’t put on weight and I had to feed him 6 cups a day of one of the most expensive dog foods on the market, Blue Buffalo.

I was spending a fortune on dog food. He also had very dry flaky skin. He also never seemed to just sit down for a moment. I have been on your product, Bionic Biotic, for about a month, and it has made such a difference!

He has gained about 5 lbs. I only have to feed him 3 cups a day.

He eats his food right up.

His coat is glossy and sleek.

His temperment is much calmer.

He finally will just relax. This has done wonders for him! He really is a different dog, and this product has been a life saver!

Thanks so much!

Kensie Layne Sears.