Pepsi: Old dog with stiff joints

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Golden retriever with stiff jointsI first put Pepsi on Bionic Biotic about 18months ago because Pepsi was very loose with her stools and it worked great, she also lost a little weight with it.

As she has got older she just doesn’t want to walk: she is on tablets for her arthritis but they don’t seem to work – so I decided to go back to Pooch & Mutt’s web site and saw Mobile Bones.

Seriously I cannot believe how she is walking.  We normally just walk across the road where I live, but now we are actually going in the woods and she is enjoying it she even ran (or walked fast) after a rabbit.

That’s just after 6 days it truly is amazing, I cannot wait to see what happens next week.

A really big thank you from me and Pepsi

Anna Styles,


Follow up email 

I have a golden retriever who has only lasted as long as she has because of Mobile Bones, I put her on it about 18months ago, I stopped giving it to her for a while but she is now on it every day, she has now got to the grand old age of 13 and 3 months that’s a very good age, and no other treatment has helped her so much as Mobile Bones, so thank you for giving my lovely old lady a good lease of life …. Pity you don’t do if for humans I could do with some ha ha xx

Kindest regards

Anna Styles & Pepsi