Tyson: Runny stools

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dog with runny stools
I’m a Whippet cross Wheaten Terrier aged 11 years, that makes me a member of the Lurcher Clan.  I live with 4 other lurchers, my wife, two pups and the wifes mad brother in law.

I don’t mind telling you I’ve always had bowel problems, you know you didn’t want to be standing behind me!

Add to that I’ve had runny stools for years which didn’t help.

I’ve been on Bionic Biotic for a month now and it’s done me the power of good, solid stools at last if you get my meaning.

So I’ve got the staff to order me 6 months supply, well done Pooch and Mutt. The staff are Bernice & Kevin Watts of  Princetown, Devon.  Excellent pair, can’t speak highly enough of them both.  They found out about Bionic Biotic from an advert in The Countryman’s Weekly.

We do a bit of work when the rabbits are plentiful.  We have just had 6 packets delivered but the mad brother in law had a bad moment the other day, something he ate no doubt!  Anyway a couple of doses put him right.
Thanks for the profile on the web site, in my early days I was on BBC South West having done the double (dog racing) at Widdecombe Fair so it’s nice to be back in the spotlight.