Gizmo: Pekingese with slipped disc

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pekingese joint supplement

I started to use Mobile Bones on my Pekingese, Gizmo, who was very ill with a slipped disc.

His bones weren’t the strongest anyway, so it looked like we had a long battle, together with the possibility of having him put down.

The vets really didn’t want to operate on him and I like using the healthiest products I can on my dog; so when Mobile Bones was introduced to me through a friend, it was almost like the last resort option and thankfully it really did save him.

He is a brand new dog, full of life, happy and generally very lively. For a dog we thought wouldn’t be able to walk again, he now runs more than my other much younger dog. It’s amazing.

Also, there were a couple of weeks where I stopped using Mobile Bones because I hadn’t got round to ordering more, and I honestly noticed the difference in Gizmo. This product is s necessity .

Kind regards

Paola Nyderek