Jozzie: Old English Sheepdog with soft stools

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old english sheepdog with soft stools

I have just used my first bag of Bionic Biotic with my old english sheepdog, Jozzie.

She suffers from soft stools and is always nibbling away at her back end.

She has been to the vets with anal glands not emptying properly on a regular monthly basis.

The change over these last three weeks while she has been on Bionic Biotic has been fantastic.

For the first time she now has solid formed stools and her visits to the vet has stopped this month.

She no longer scoots her bottom along the ground like she used to.

I cannot recommend this product enough for anyone who has soft stools or itching and scratching dogs and I am so glad to have seen the advert in our dog papers.

I have just ordered another 3 bags from yourselves. I rest my case.
a very happy
Jenny Haldane