Ella: Boxer with skin problems

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boxer dog with skin problemsElla is a 2.5 yr old Boxer dog.

Since she was about 12 weeks old, she has had some sort of skin ‘reaction’ which originally started with pimples around her face, and on her tummy, which seemed to blister then spread.  It then started to affect her paws. She would constantly gnaw and lick at them, making them red raw.

After numerous vet visits, it was decided to try her on some auto immune supressing medication, to see if this would help ease the symptoms, together with a daily antihistamine.  Whilst they did have a certain effect, they also had their side effects, both short and long term.

Because we didn’t want to keep her on these due to the effects – plus the horrific costs!, I intensified my online research into what else could help. You name it, we tried it. I saw something online about the Biotic Bionic powder and ordered some from an online supplier. This coincided with Ellas annual inoculations, and to have these done she had to be taken off the vet prescribed medication.

That was Christmas 2010, and so far she hasn’t had to taken another tablet since! Although the skin reaction is still happening, it is nowhere near as severe as it was.  We give her 3 tsp of Biotic Bionic daily in her dinner or in a probiotic drink – she is even happy to eat the powder (or sprinkles as she knows them!) off  a spoon!!

Since the original purchase I have found your Facebook page & your direct website, and now order directly from you.

We are so happy that Ella no longer has to take the vet prescribed tablets, and the improvements we have seen are great. She no longer has the spots on her tummy or her face, her paws whilst they do still irritate her are not on the same irritation scale as they were. The number of comments we also have on the quality and shine of her coat too are amazing…!

I think Biotic Bionic and the daily antihistamine have certainly improved her skin!

Thank you!!!

Kind Regards

Anna Morrant