Bonnie: ******** and stiff joints

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Collie with stiff jointsMy dog, Bonnie (age 12yrs) snapped her cruciate ligament in her back left leg whilst running in our garden in August 2010, which lead to her having to have an operation to repair the leg.

After 2 weeks cage rest she began to recover quite well, then out of the blue she started to hold her leg up, this lead to another x-ray only to be told she had got very bad joint stiffness and a bone mouse in the knee joint.

Not wanting to put her through more surgery I looked at alternatives and started to take Bonnie to the hydrotherapy pool local to me. While this helped alot the therapist recommended your Mobile Bones supplement and said it would help to promote an improvement in Bonnie’s condition.

I put two teaspoons everyday on her food and I have not looked back or needed to visit the vet since, Bonnie is now walking really well…….. and running.

She does not limp at all now and enjoys her walks.

I would like to say a big thank you to you.

Best Regards,

Jane Bowers.




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