Mini: Itchy JRT x Shih Tzu with Rashes

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Itchy terrierMini is a 2-year old Jack Russel x Shih Tzu who suffered so badly with itchy raw skin.

From about twelve months old she started scratching and constantly licking herself to the point she would whimper.

We were constantly at the vets for shampoo, antibiotics and a course of steroids, leaving the purse very empty!

The vets suggested allergy tests or a lifetime of steroid injections but I was loathed to go ahead after reading the side effects of steroids.

It was then I looked online for alternatives and came across Bionic Biotic. I have to admit I was very sceptical but I thought what the heck, its got to be worth a try.

Well six months on and we have a completely different Mini, her fur has grown back and the raw red rash over her body has gone.

She still scratches and licks occasionally with mild flare-ups but there is no more crying and whimpering.

Thank you so much to Pooch and Mutt, we have got our funny, happy carefree little dog back again.

Helen Macclesfield