Dillon: Irish Setter with Hip Discomfort

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irish setter with hip dysplasiaDillon is a 7 year old Irish Setter who was diagnosed with hip discomfort at 6 months old.

He has weekly hydrotherapy, as we started a canine hydrotherapy business at home because of his condition and many other dogs now benefit regularly from it.

He’s been taking Mobile Bones for about a year now and we’ve seen a very noticeable change in him.

He’s much more mischievous and lively and hasn’t needed any Metacam (painkiller) for at least a year.

The Mobile Bones, coupled withregular swimming therapy has greatly improved his quality of life.

Jane Moule

Doggy Paddle Hydrotherapy – www.doggypaddle.net


Notes from Pooch & Mutt.

1) To read about the dangers of NSAIDs like metacam click here: www.poochandmutt.com/metacam-side-effects/

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