Wolf: 2nd testimonial

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Wolf has been on Bionic Biotic for about three and a half years now; and I wouldn’t dream of taking him off it.

Long haired lurchers are not the easiest dogs to keep looking marvellous, and are prone to digestive troubles [which is why I bought Bionic Biotic in the first place]. But my goodness it has certainly paid off; Wolf has a beautiful coat; always looks ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’, and attracts many compliments when he is out and about.

I do not show him very often, as he thinks it is boring beyond belief! But I took him to a specialist lurcher show a fortnight ago and he won a first and a second rosette. The judge commented on his fantastic condition, particularly for a five year old dog and in the pouring rain!

I have found that since he has been on Bionic Biotic; I buy considerably less food for him as he makes much better use of what he eats than before. As an aid to digestion in a dog with a sensitive stomach, it is unsurpassed. He is also, no longer a ‘picky’ feeder.

I have recommended your products to masses of other dog owners, and with very few exceptions, they are all now converts!

So all in all, many thanks for an excellent product.

With best wishes

Ginnie (and Wolf)


This is Wolf’s 2nd testimonial, to read his first click here