Mobile Bones Helps Heal Woodstock’s Shattered Ankle

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“Woodstock shattered his ankle and tibia whilst chasing rabbits. The surgeon did a superb job and managed to save the leg but a lot of the cartilage in the joint was lost and there was a large chance that the bones wouldn’t take.

The pins which go right through Woodstock’s leg were left open, making the risk of infection high. If the leg didn’t heal then fusing the leg was also an option and to an extent still is. Thankfully the bones have knitted back together and things are looking reasonably good, but even if he makes a full recovery the chances of him having arthritis problems are very high.

I wanted to give Woodstock, who is only four, the best possible chance in both healing, recovery and future prospects. I went online to see what was out there in the way of supplements and many of the products I encountered were either highly priced or full of ingredients that weren’t explained.  My cabinet would have been full of expensive products and I’d forever be measuring out the correct doses.

Then I found Mobile Bones, a product which offered everything Woodstock needed in a supplement. I could even use it on my other dogs. The packaging was understandable and the Pooch & Mutt website friendly and informative, it convinced me to buy a pack and give it a go.

Greyhound shattered ankle and tibia

I started using it on Woodstock’s food straight away; if it helped with his healing process then I couldn’t start soon enough. The vet had warned me that because of the extent of the injury I had to be realistic and not expect too much, he wanted to attempt to save the leg but things could easily go either way and a full heal would be just short of a miracle.

Each week we went for check-ups and four weeks in Woodstock had a set of x-rays. There was some fragment of bone floating in the leg but the bones showed signs of healing, which was very positive. Four weeks later he had another set of x-rays and this time the bone fragments had gone, the bones had knitted together and the joint looked good. The vet was amazed.

We have another two weeks until Woodstock’s next x-ray and hopefully he’ll have the frame removed and he can start the long process of learning to walk on the leg again. He has used Mobile Bones throughout these eight weeks and I am certain that it has helped. Not just with the bones but with his general condition and healing the bumps and scrapes he got in the accident. He may have pins in his leg but he looks superb in himself.

Mobile Bones is a great price and a great product; it’s an essential product for any dog owner and has made a big difference in Woodstock’s road to recovery. I wouldn’t be without.


Elspeth Winter Rose