Murdoch: Setter with Runny Stools

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setter with runny stoolsJust want to say thanks a million for helping my lad back to great health!

Murdoch is my 13 years young Irish Red and White Setter.

He enjoys his walks and his food but has just had 6 weeks of runny poo with mucous and blood. He went through the usual chicken and rice and a”special” complete diet, 2 tubes of prokolin and 2 courses of canikur and made no progress in spite of the vets best efforts.

I was beginning to suspect the worst was approaching, especially with the night time discomfort and gut noises.

I picked up a packet of Bionic Biotic on a Saturday afternoon and Murdoch had a dose in his evening meal and breakfast the next day. He produced soft but formed poo after breakfast and 2 days later the poo was firm and by the end of the week it was very firm and back to normal.

More importantly, Murdoch was bright eyed and happy, belting about and barking for meals and walks again. All 3 of my lads are now having Bionic Biotic and Mobile Bones with their raw meat and vegetables.
Many thanks for giving me back my Murdoch … now if you could just produce something to calm the joyous barking please!!

Kath Griffin