Blue & Simba: GSDs with itchy skin & runny stools

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german shepherds itching + soft stollsPictured are my two German Shepherds, Blue (8) and Simba (2).

Well, I really did get the pick of the bunch with these two! Blue (left) was a rescue dog and suffered terribly from separation anxiety and often got himself stressed about things, this  lead to horrific runny stolls and tummy upset.

I had tried several premium quality dry foods for sensitivity since adopting him at age 5 and nothing has agreed with him – runny stools and a messy garden has been a daily occurrence.

Simba (right) joined us March 2010 at 4 months old and has gnawed and scratched his way through life leaving raw and weeping skin on his paws, tails, tummy and anywhere he could reach to relieve himself – often scratching himself to the point of exhaustion.

Two weeks ago I picked up a pack of Bionic Biotic from a pet store on a whim and my god, has it paid of.

I’ve sinced ordered more directly from the website and it’ll continue to be a habitant in the doggie cupboard from now on. I find it goes hand in hand with a natural raw diet which I introduced a week ago – and I’m not looking back!

Simba’s itching has reduced by more than half, he has the occasional scratch (but what dog doesn’t!) and he’s had no open sores.

Blue has now started to leave me solid presents in the garden much to my amazement! He has also found a new lease of life and is driving me insane with his new puppy like behaviour, even giving Simba a run for this money – who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

Lots of Pooch & Mutt love
Amy, Blue & Simba


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