Floyd: Whippet x Staffie x Jack Russel with stiff joints

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Staffie cross with stiff jointsI have just purchased my second bag of Mobile Bones for my dog Floyd.

He is a Whippet x Staffie x jack Russel. He is 9 now, and started getting stiff joints a few years ago.

He has a limp in his near fore leg, and this can make it really difficult for him to get around.

He had been on steroid pills and injections, and other vet reccomended joint pills much to no avail. Then I read about Mobile Bones, it sounded like the answer to our prayers!

He has now been on Mobile Bones for a month and there is a difference! He is less limpy when out walking and seems more happy about it!

Its nice to see him flying around the woods again.

We are going to keep him on Mobile Bones and hopefully he won’t need to go back on the harsh pills ever again!!

Floyd Thanks You!

Leah Adams.