Patch: Greyhound with soft stools

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greyhound with soft stoolsThis is Patch my 9 year old greyhound.

His stools have always been more or less on the runny side.

After some 3 years on the cooked diet, following vets’ advice, I fed him dry food for two years. The only advantage seemed to be the firmer stools – he never got used the new diet and always left at least half the portion.

His health was deteriorating and I decided to go back to cooking for him. The improvement was almost miraculous (after all, he was eating again) but then his stools got runny again.

A couple of months later, I discovered Bionic Biotic at Pets at Home, and, to my delight, almost immediately after I added it to his food, his stools became firm!

We are now going through the second bag.

Thank you,

Magdalena Gryczmanska