Roxi & Kenji: Rottweiler With Weight Problem & Japanese Shiba Inu With Runny Stools

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These are my two beautiful dogs, Roxi & Kenji.

Roxi (the Rottweiler) is a rescue. I got her at 11 months old and she is now nearly 5.

Her previous owners didn’t feed her properly, so she’s a small girl and I struggle to keep weight on her.

I first found out about Bionic Biotic in Dogs World magazine a few years ago. Since using the powder I’ve noticed her muscle tone has improved and she has a lovely shiny coat.

Kenji is a Japanese Shiba Inu who I’ve had since a puppy.

He’s been a sickly dog from a young age and suffers with a terrible stomach. I have to be very careful what he eats and he can’t have chews such as raw hide or pigs ears as this can make him very poorly.

I have introduced Bionic Biotic to him and since using it his stools have improved greatly and I am slowly re-introducing chews. Since taking the powder in his food his coat has grown very thick and healthy too.

I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family as I was at my wits end as to what to give Kenji to help his stomach.The improvement is great in both Roxi and Kenji and the product is very reasonably priced too, making it great value for money.


Anna Smith