Minnie: Overweight Jack Russell Terrier

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out of condition dogMinnie is a Pure Bred Jack Russell Terrier from a 50 year breeding line of old time working dogs. She is 4 yrs old and has had 2 litters of healthy, happy pups.

She experienced a full blown phantom pregnancy and I was struggling with her weight gain.

Pooch & Mutt Slimmin’ Tonic was introduced by my friend Hannah, who had seen the product launch and thought it could help Minnie.

After the vet gave the all clear we started purchased Slimmin’ Tonic and thought we’d give it a go.

I have seen many benefits from using the tonic, after only a few weeks; Minnie’s energy levels increased greatly, her hunger levels reduced, weight slowly but steadily came off and her muscle tone is looks second to none.

I used Slimmin’ Tonic along with a reduced fat high protien complete meal with probiotics to aid digestion and a little spoonful of wet meat to mix the tonic with.

dog with condition gain
Minnie after using Slimmin' Tonic for 3 months. She has got more muscle tone & has lost the belly she had previously.

I must admit I was sceptical at first, but after struggling to reduce the phantom pregnancy weight, I thought it would be worth a try.

Now I have Minnie back to 7 kilos in weight and she now has a solid muscle mass and an abundance of energy, enough to begin “working” again as a terrier should.

I have used Slimmin’ Tonic for 3 months and have listed her measurements below to show the amount of weight she has lost.

I now use the tonic as a maintenance supplement for her, using it every second day. I’m half way through our 2nd tub and for Minnies weight group that works out be about a tub and a half every 3 months.

I have already passed on info about the product and your website address to friends who have overweight dogs. I’m excited to have found a product that really does what is says on the tin!


Regards and thanks from Susan and Minnie of
Monleish Jack Russells (Breeders of JRT’s)



Body part /Measurements (inches) Before using Slimmin’ Tonic    After using Slimmin’ Tonic for 3 months
Tummy 22.5 inches 21 inches
Front of back legs 21.5 inches 19.5 inches
Back of front legs 19 inches 17.5 inches