GSD and Collies with Joint Stiffness

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Dogs with mobility problemsYou suggested I should send a photo of my dogs, so here you go! In the top picture are Kaspar (GSD) aged 13 1/2, Tess and Bryn, sibling Border Collies also 13 1/2, and at the front is Bonnie, my current sheepdog, aged 7.

I have sent three pictures so that you can see the sort of terrain they are expected to cope with on the farm and on walks. Their favourite walk is from the Hoy Monument to St. Catherine’s Oratory along the ridge of St. Catherine’s Down, 237 metres above sea level!

Before discovering Mobile Bones on-line, I had Kaspar and Tess on Glucosamine and Chondroitin tablets as they were beginning to get stiff with age and GSD’s often suffer with back problems. Tess had had her fair share of knocks during her life as a sheepdog and was a bit arthritic. I could not see a great deal of benefit from the tablets.

Then I discovered Mobile Bones and ordered some just to try. Almost immediately, I saw a great improvement in both dogs; they are always eager to go out and their stamina has improved, so I presume they are finding it easier to move altogether.

Since then, Bryn has had two expensive episodes at the vet with spondylitis, having to be hospitalised each time for four days. So, as soon

Dogs with mobility problems

as he was clear of all the antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, I put him on Mobile Bones too. He is now better than back-to-normal and they all enjoy their life tremendously.

I believe that thanks to Mobile Bones, my dogs are all enjoying a much enhanced and extended quality of life.

They are wonderful to watch on our long walks, and are healthily tired and relaxed when they come home. If Bonnie starts showing any signs of wear and tear, I shall add her to the regime.

Thank you so much for having developed this product – long live Pooch & Mutt!

Best regards,

Penny Smith

Dogs with mobility problems