Purdey: Underweight rescue Cockerpoo

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underweight cockerpooWe got Purdey in January 2011, she came as a rescue from the Dogstrust as a 9 month old Cockerpoo (cocker spaniel x standard poodle).

When we got her she was underweight and had dry skin. We wanted to get her as healthy as possible whilst she was still young and growing, a friend who is a vet nurse recommended Bionic Biotic.

Purdey has been having a measure of it with each meal since February this year and we intent to keep her on it for life (we buy 6 packs at a time!).

Her coat and weight have blossomed, as you can see from the photos.

She often gets comments from strangers & fellow dog owners on how healthy she looks and what a great coat she has on her. We put this down to the help from Bionic Biotic, she also has a healthy organic feed.

She is now 19 months old and has transformed into fit, healthy happy dog. She does agility, a bit of gundog training, and a lot of running in our fields looking for pheasants, and in her spare time she comes to work with me!!

So keep up the good work!


Jo Kelly

underweight cockerpoo