Sam: Itchy Westie

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itchy westie - west highland terrierSam is a 13 month old west highland terrier bitch. From 10 weeks old she began to chew at herself & scratch constantly.

When about 13 weeks old she was diagnosed with craniomandibular osteopathy (Lion’s Jaw) & was treated with steroids until about nine months old. During this time no more scratching as the steroids would have suppressed any allergies.

As soon as she came off the steroids the chewing & scratching began again. Her legs were almost bald, her coat was in poor condition & she was very uncomfortable.

I changed her diet to hypoallergenic food but it made no difference. Everything pointed to a grass pollen allergy.

The vet prescribed medication which did work but was extremely expensive & also could not be given for a fortnight before vaccination boosters. This medication could be stopped & started without gradually lowering the dose (as with steroids) but every time I took her off it for a couple of days the scratching began again.

I decided to see if there was something more natural that would help. Looking on the internet I came upon the Pooch & Mutt site & read the info on the Bionic Biotic. For two weeks I gave her one teaspoon a day of the product along with the medication every second day.

I then stopped the medication altogether & after a further two weeks the scratching & chewing had stopped.

Her hair has grown back & her coat is in lovely condition.

It is wonderful to see a happy, healthy little dog & because Bionic Biotic is natural I am quite happy to keep her on it for the rest of her life.

Many thanks,
James Hogg