Jaimie: 2nd testimonial

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German Shepherd digestionJaimie has been on “the red stuff” (Bionic Biotic) for sometime and it certainly sorted her tummy out, she’s been described as borderline pancreatic by our vets. It’s fairly rare now that I have to scoop up a foul puddle rather than the conventional pick up. She will be nine years old this month and has now started taking “the green stuff” (Mobile Bones) and this has certainly eased her stiffness and it didn’t upset her tummy.

Pooch & Mutt was recommended by a friend from the “horsey” set who use Blue Chip equine products and I’ve recommended them to several people who now order direct from Pooch & Mutt.

As you can see from the photos she manages quite nicely to play GSD style, which is quite rough, with Teddy who is now 22 months old and full of it. I use the Bionic Biotic when Teddy has to take any antibiotics as his tummy is quite delicate and “the red stuff” does seem to ensure that any imbalance caused by medication is quickly remedied.

Long may this continue and well done on your products.

Best regards,

Lin Bagley


NOTES: Lin first wrote to us about Jaimie in November 2009 – to read Lin’s first review of Bionic Biotic click here


German Shepherd digestion

German Shepherd digestion