Minnie: Cockerpoo hip dislocation

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cockerpoo with stiff jointsI thought I would drop you a line just to tell you how much our dog has improved since she started on Mobile Bones.

Minnie is a 15 month old cock-a-poo, who up until 10 weeks ago could have been mistaken as a Greyhound as she just loved to run everywhere. She suffered a hip dislocation on her right leg, and following several attempts to put it back in it just came back out again.

She then had to go through surgery to put it together again. Following 6 weeks of cage rest, I started her on Mobile Bones after seeing it on your website. Two weeks later she began her exercise and went to see the consultant for her 8 week check up.

He was absolutely delighted with her recovery and her progress. My wife and I are thrilled that she has come on quite literally “leaps and bounds”. She is so full of her mischievous ways again, and the vet stated that she is likely to be fully recovered by her 12th week, 4 weeks ahead of the initial timeline.

When I told him that we were using Mobile Bones and showed him the pack, he was surprised that there was so many other benefits attached as well as joint care.

I have to say a big thank you to Pooch & Mutt for all there advice, and for providing what our Minnie needed to aid her in her recovery. We are so pleased that we have now started our 10 month old Cock-a-poo on it aswell.

Many thanks,

Brian Jordan