Sam: Border Collie with Stiff Joints

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border collie with stiff jointsSam is a 10-year-old Border Collie.

He hurt his back playing with a small dog and the vet said he had hurt a disc in his spine. He was treated with prescription medicine and improved but I was worried about the effects the drugs may have on his digestion.

He had been on glucosamine joint supplement like me as we are both getting older.

I tried some Mobile Bones and took him off the very expensive medicine from the vets.

He has not shown any symptoms of pain and is back to playing with other dogs.

I bought a further supply of  Mobile Bones through Amazon so he is getting on all right.

We can’t reverse the ageing process but he certainly seems more sprightly since having Mobile Bones.

Incidentally I have found that it is best to just give him your product and cut out other glucosamine.

Sam prefers it mixed to a paste in water and once dry it goes in with his biscuits and he eats the lot!


Anthony Cattani