Jade & Paj: Dobermans with stiff joints

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dobermans with joint problemsThese are our 2 Dobermans, Paj and Jade. Paj is nearly 12 years old and Jade is 8 & 1/2 years old.

We have recently started giving them Mobile Bones.  Jade has had both cruciate ligaments done and now Paj has arthritis.

Up until recently both dogs had been taking Prevacox, quite a strong anti-inflamatory drug, which taken over a long period can cause problems internally.

We were advised that they were both starting to have problems and so we decided to look elsewhere.  A fellow dog owner told us about Pooch & Mutt products and so we decided to try them.

They still have a paracetamol each day but combined with the recommended quantity of Mobile Bones are just as comfortable now (if not more so) than when they were taking Prevacox.

I would recommend anybody to try Mobile Bones with any dog suffering with similar problems.

Yours sincerely,

Diana Andrews