Dolly: Saluki x Lurcher with digestion problems

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Dog with digestion problemsThis is Dolly, she is a 1-year-old Saluki/Lurcher X.

Dolly was a rescue dog and we have only had her since October. She was 5kg’s underweight and suffering from mange.

I found Pooch and Mutt’s Bionic Biotic through Google whilst doing some research as Dolly also suffers from a very sensitive stomach and very runny stools and can’t handle normal dog food.

I bought the Bionic Biotic as an added help with her digestive system. The Bionic Biotic has helped her digestive system greatly – even before we changed her food to a sensitive dog food.

Her fur looks better as well- even better than after the mange treatment she has been on which I attribute to the Pooch and Mutt Bionic Biotic.

Thank you!!

Alexandra Park