Vincent: Rescue Lurcher with hip problems

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lurcher with hip dysplasia I am a trustee & foster dog carer for Rotherham Dog Rescue,a small local charity run by volunteers.

In September we took in a very underweight young male lurcher around 8-10 months old from the dog pound whom we named Vincent.

We noticed he was walking quite awkwardly with his hindquarters swinging out to one side & he was very reluctant to run. I took him home to stay with my dogs with view to taking him to the vet for an xray.

He was diagnosed as having severe bilateral hip dysplasia & the only cure would be a double hip replacement.
As this was out of the question due to the high costs involved, I looked at alternative therapies that would help Vinnie lead a relatively normal life. I researched different joint supplements & your Mobile Bones sounded ideal.

Since September, Vinnie has been castrated, has had regular but not too strenuous exercise, has put on weight & built up muscle mass around his hips. All this combined with twice a day Mobile Bones  supplement has enabled Vinnie to have a pain free life & also to be let off the lead to play & run with my dogs without any detriment to himself.

Our vet is so pleased with his progress that he is not going to refer him to an orthopaedic specialist unless his condition takes a turn for the worse.

Vinnie is a smashing young dog who loves everything & everybody & hopefully he will one day find a forever home.

Ann Diaz
Trustee: Rotherham Dog Rescue<
lurcher with hip dysplasia