Buddy: Itchy Bulldog with Colitis

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itchy bulldogMy American Bulldog ‘Braveheart’s Buddy’ has suffered with itchy, ears, hot pink skin and sensitive digestion, with bad bouts of colitis most of his life. I’ve tried various medication from the vets, which was very costly with no lasting effects.

So I did more research on line and read up about diet for colitis and supplements that may help Buddy’s condition. I read about probiotics and how they can help the gut with natural bacteria, if they are good for us they must be good for our dogs.

I also searched for probiotics to purchase for dogs and your site was so informative with great value and interesting case studies, so that was why I decided to try Bionic Biotic.

I was also impressed with the great customer service, quality of the goods and the speedy delivery.

I have Buddy on your Bionic Biotic for some months now and there is an improvement, no runny stools, he’s less itchy, has more energy and is generally a happier dog, which makes me happy to see him so well.

I recently ran out of the Bionic Biotic, so Buddy missed it for a few days, (I thought I still had pack in the cupboard), within that short time he had a bout of colitis, so needless to say I won’t make that mistake again, I’m sure the powder is helping him. I’m the sort of person that has to try and test before she recommends products.

If your customers are interested to help your dog on any bad tummy days feed them white boiled rice or Smash plain potato and broccoli for a few days, you can also add a raw egg, then start to re-introduce your dog’s normal dry food. Give plain rice cakes, raw carrots, apples and bananas for treats. Avoid tinned meats and manufactured treat, these can contribute towards a colitis attack.

Thanks Pooch and Mutt,
Sharon McHenry and Braveheart’s Buddy
Guernsey C.I