Caspar: Lurcher with Arthritis

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lurcher with arthritisI found out about Mobile Bones through a recommendation by a fellow member of the forum associated with “Southern Lurcher Rescue”.

She said how it had worked wonders for one of her dogs, who was younger than my Caspar, but had similar Arthritis problems, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Caspar is 12.5 years, and quite a big boy, so his back legs are getting a bit shaky. I do think the Mobile Bones has helped him.

I have also been giving Bionic Biotic to both dogs, and I think it does help with their digestion. They go regularly, and the product is easy and well formed.

Lorna came to us at the end of October as a foster, found wandering, with very bad mange and some untreated wounds. She has recovered well, as you can see, and we are now adopting her.


Samuel White.

lurcher with arthritis