Gizmo & Mr Chin: Pekingese with skin and mobility problems

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pekingese with mobility and skin problemsWe have 2 Pekingese dogs Gizmo 7 and Mr Chin 4 years, both are now fine but they are on Pooch and Mutt’s Mobile Bones and Bionic Biotic for their problems.

Gizmo had a slipped disk 2 years ago and was dragging his back legs, so the vet said complete rest in a cage might help him recover. After 6 weeks cage rest we put him on your Mobile Bones, and within days we saw an improvement.

Now he runs around like nothing ever happened, after the vets told us he may never be able to walk far, never mind run, he still runs about like he used to, and keeps up with Chin-Chin (Mr Chin).

Mr Chin has Bionic Biotic for his skin problems – He scratches a lot, but the Bionic Biotic seems to keep it in check.

Here is a photo of them both, last month. They are always together as mates.


Donald Walton