Merlot: Labrador with stiff joints

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Labrador with stiff joints

This is Merlot,a 4½ year old Labrador

Two and a half years ago Merlot was suffering a great deal of joint pain after walks, after many visits to the vet, xrays and being prescribed pain killers it was concluded that the cause was her joints wearing.

Our options were pain killers, keeping Merlot on the lead during walks or surgery, we were told the alternative was that Merlot would be lame by the age of 5.

The use of pain killers holds the risk of potentially harmful side effects, keeping a young dog on a lead who loved to fetch a ball and run about didn’t seem right, and surgery seemed far too drastic.

After a great deal of research I came across Pooch & Mutt’s Mobile Bones. 2½ years later and we haven’t looked back, we were able to stop the pain killers almost straight away and Merlot hasn’t had any reoccuring joint pain.

She is as lively and energetic as ever and is never happier than when she is running, jumping and swimming after a ball.

Kind Regards,

Gary Evans