Pomeranians: Coat and Mobility

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Pomeranian coat supplementI have 12 Pomeranians and they all have Bionic Biotic and some have Mobile Bones.

One good thing about that it is one supplement will not cause problems with the other one they are very compatible when fed together. I show some of the dogs and the others are either mums or oldies just enjoying life.

To a Pomeranian their coat is their crowning glory and without the correct texture they can look awful. Feeding the dogs Bionic Biotic gives my dogs that extra wow factor and even the old girls that are just enjoying life have a wonderful coat.

I also have one little man (Bom Bom) that can have a very unset tummy. This can be set off by me just being out of the house for too long . Bom Bom has been to the vets on a number of occasions and has been given a few different things to try and settle his tummy. Bionic Biotic has done the trick I can now leave him overnight without any effect.

My old ladies enjoy running around my garden and it is large they have no problems with stiff joints as they are on Bionic Biotic and Mobile Bones and feeding the two together makes my girls feel like young girls they enjoy coming out in the fields with me.

I don’t breed a lot of puppies. I only breed to supply myself with show dogs so the puppies are put on Bionic Biotic as soon as they start to eat solid food being so tiny you have to be careful that you don’t overdo things with them and I have never had any problems in my youngsters not taking to Bionic Biotic being in their food unlike other supplements that I have tried in the past.

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Gill Neve –  www.styalways.co.uk

Pomeranian coat supplement