Sethi: Gordon setter mobility

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gordon setter on joint supplementI just thought I would send you a picture of my Gordon Setter, Sethi, he has weak cruciates and a bulging disk in his spine, we think was from a fall as a youngster (he is a rescue setter).

I had the choice of having both of his back legs operated on and his spine or wait and see how he got on.

He has rimadyl tablets daily and Mobile Bones, most of the time you would never know Seth had any problems it’s only when he over plays with his mate Katy that he is stiff.

When I put him on Mobile Bones I wasn’t sure, but thought I would give it a go, he was on it for maybe a year and then I decided to stop giving him it, just give him his rimadyl. I was expecting to see very little if any difference- well I was wrong!

Without the Mobile Bones he became gradually stiffer over a period of 2 – 3 weeks, I was surprised I can tell you! So I bought him his Mobile Bones and within a week he was a much happier and obviously had less stiffness.

All I can say is it works!

Many thanks to you

Sue Radbourne and Sethi


Note from Pooch & Mutt:

We do not recommend the use of Rimadyl unless the case is extreme, or the dog is elderly. To find out more about the side effects of rimadyl click here